Coaching Research Briefings

Coaching Research Briefings

Downloads Home > Coaching Research Briefings (This page) Do you have a more positive orientation to life or do things get you down easily? And how quickly do you bounce back? Do you believe that being more… A new study just published by a team of Canadian scientists looked at the effectiveness of coaching in a series of different conditions. Among a range of situations they… Is empathy just part of our personality or can it be taught / learned? Many organisations have empathy as part of their values or competencies with little consideration about… Research just published in the Journal of Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience by a team of scientists from the University of Sussex, Maastricht University, Campus de la Universitat Autonoma… I was in a local Chinese take-away last night and asked if a certain dish could be done without the chicken being in batter. The answer was “no”. So…


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