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Keywords: Harassment, bullying, harassment and bullying policies, workplace harassment, workplace bullying, harassment strategies A new study by a multinational team of researchers from universities in New Zealand and Korea has…

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A study just published in the Journal of Applied Business and Economics looked at the training needs of HR professionals across a range of NEST countries and found that the…

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The ‘sleeping dragon’ of the Chinese economy begins to stir with the intention of once again being the world’s largest economy. Chinese academics have been tasked with assessing what can…

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Job insecurity has been shown to encourage employee unethical behaviour, according to new research published in Business Ethics Quarterly. This is particularly relevant in the current political climate where it…

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New research from the United States suggests that employees who integrate their work / family balance do better at work than those who segment their two worlds. This goes contrary…

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As organisations grow into multinationals, they often seek to drive efficiencies in certain areas. Human Resources (HR) is one function where this frequently occurs. Many organisations have developed a separate…

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Keywords: Racial discrimination, diversity, diversity policy, multiculturalism, colour blindness Whilst there is a plethora of research which shows that multicultural approaches to diversity tend to reduce prejudice and increase positive…

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Cornell University has published a research paper that will put joy in the hearts of many an employee: it concludes that organisations should get rid of annual performance ratings. Rather…

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Keywords: human resources, human capital, evidence-based HR, HR analytics, HR digitisation In many organisations human resources or human capital analytics have been adding significant value and the operational use of…

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