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Downloads Home > Human Resources / Human Capital Research Briefings (This page) New research from the United States suggests that employees who integrate their work / family balance do better at work than those who segment their two worlds. This goes… As organisations grow into multinationals, they often seek to drive efficiencies in certain areas. Human Resources (HR) is one function where this frequently occurs. Many organisations have developed a…

Keywords: Racial discrimination, diversity, diversity policy, multiculturalism, colour blindness Whilst there is a plethora of research which shows that multicultural approaches to diversity tend to reduce prejudice and increase… Cornell University has published a research paper that will put joy in the hearts of many an employee: it concludes that organisations should get rid of annual performance ratings.… Most people have areas of their work they don’t like or are ambivalent or uncertain about. A new study published in the journal Human Relations looks at the effects… Mental health is frequently associated with mental illness, but research today is increasingly going the other way -looking at how to promote, develop and become more mentally healthy. The… Based on issues faced in China, academics have published a useful research and evidence-based framework for promoting inclusion in the workplace. While there are some issues that are very…

Keywords: objective setting, goal setting, SMART goals, contingent objective setting A study just published has conducted a review of commonly used management objective setting methods and is proposing a… A study by researchers from University of Virginia and the University of British Columbia looked at the impact that notifications and alerts on our smart phones have on us.…


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