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An in-depth case-study entitled ‘Towards increased innovativeness and sustainability through organizational culture’ looked at the links between the leadership and the recruitment of leaders in a construction company, its organisational…

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Does the style of leadership that predominates in an organisation change the chances of whistleblowing occurring? Whistleblowing In some quarters whistleblowing is seen as a form of espionage or sabotage.…

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A new study by researchers from the University of Manchester has been exploring whether elements of the dark triad can lead to employee depression. The dark triad is the combination…

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Keywords: leadership, servant leadership, leadership style, psychometric instrument The idea of servant leadership has been around since Robert Greenleaf introduced it in 1977 in his book, Servant Leadership: a journey…

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New research into acquisition of German machine tools firms by Chinese companies has shown that in order for the benefits of servitization to be fully recognised, the traditional light touch…

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Keywords: leadership, leaders, leadership development, moral judgement, courage An interesting paper has just been published which looks at a unique program that was developed for the US Coast Guard Academy…

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There is a long-held belief both in industry and across the research and academic communities that an organisation’s competitive advantage is largely reliant on product or service innovation. An interesting…

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Design thinking has been growing in popularity in recent years, particularly for business and organisational problem solving. Design thinking Design thinking is the process of seeing and solving problems from…

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New research from The Netherlands suggests that far from keeping the best employees, the best leaders can encourage some who may be overqualified for their roles to move on. The…

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