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https://youtu.be/KNPCkJ6aNB8 The concept of 70:20:10 learning has been around for some time and was derived from a combination of efficiency savings in companies seeking to maximise employees’ time at work…

https://youtu.be/mNY3jCBawLE A new study about to be published in the International Journal of Stress Management examines why some people suffer from fatigue and exhaustion at work and negative feelings at…

https://youtu.be/r0GJ8lrvLF0 The American Institutes for Research have just published a summary of what is currently known, and what needs to be researched further, about human development. The AIR (American Institutes…

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Disclaimer: This is a research review, expert interpretation and briefing. As such it contains other studies, expert comment and practitioner advice. It is not a copy of the original study – which is referenced. The original study should be consulted and referenced in all cases. This research briefing is for informational and educational purposes only. We do not accept any liability for the use to which this review and briefing is put or for it or the research accuracy, reliability or validity. This briefing as an original work in its own right and is copyright © Oxford Review Enterprises Ltd 2016-2019. Any use made of this briefing is entirely at your own risk.

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