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In an ideal world, all employees would be family-less and work-obsessed, with one sole focus – the betterment of the organisation for which they work. A new study has found…

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What do you do when your reputation is in trouble? In some industries such as manufacturing this is reasonably simple – if a flagship product’s battery fails then you replace…

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New research from Germany has shown that it isn’t the amount of time people believe that they have left at an organisation that determines their levels of job satisfaction, so…

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Keywords: Management development, MBA, Practical intelligence, business education, context-based learning, practice, intelligence Thirteen years ago this year Henry Mintzberg published his book Managers not MBAs: A hard look at the…

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In 1990 two professors published a paper in the Journal of Operations Management which is slowly gaining favour in many organisations and is being focused on by an increasing number…

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Decision-making, or the process of selecting the best solution from several possible alternatives, is fraught with limitations which come about from the cognitive biases we humans impose on situations. Cognitive…

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Keywords: objective setting, goal setting, SMART goals, contingent objective setting A study just published has conducted a review of commonly used management objective setting methods and is proposing a new…

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A proactive risk taking culture can enhance business performance A study published in the International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences has shown that innovation in a…

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The basis of prejudice, bias and resistance to change A paper just published in the Journal of Personality and Individual Differences by researchers from the Department of Psychology, Yale University…

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