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Downloads HomeManagement Research Briefings (This page) A paper just published by a team of researchers from universities in the UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland looked at what the primary factors are in the development of… There has been a lot of previous research into how boredom impacts productivity in a wide range of settings. Virtually all the studies found, as you would probably expect,… It has been pretty much accepted that senior management can have a major impact on the delivery to the customer of a brand’s values and vision. However, very little… How do organisations like Apple get new ideas accepted by the public to the extent that they want to buy them? Using the example of entomophagy (people eating insects),… People have different perspectives and different ideas and sometimes those ideas and perspectives change or create conflict. A paper just published in International Journal of Economics, Commerce and Management… In a research study just published in the International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research, William Kirkley examined the deeply held values of entrepreneurs, and four primary factors that… Cost efficiencies are usually the driver in staff cutbacks in the service industry, yet one of the most important factors in job satisfaction for those at the coalface is… Many studies over the years have shown that conflict in the workplace often has a negative impact on productivity. Research just published asked whether conflict management within teams does… The idea that, among customers in retail environments, the adage ‘birds of a feather flock together’ appears to be true for sales at least. A new study looking at…


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Disclaimer: This is a research review, expert interpretation and briefing. As such it contains other studies, expert comment and practitioner advice. It is not a copy of the original study – which is referenced. The original study should be consulted and referenced in all cases. This research briefing is for informational and educational purposes only. We do not accept any liability for the use to which this review and briefing is put or for it or the research accuracy, reliability or validity. This briefing as an original work in its own right and is copyright © Oxford Review Enterprises Ltd 2016-2019. Any use made of this briefing is entirely at your own risk.

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