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Keywords: innovation, organisational characteristics, innovation adoption, innovation implementation A new systematic study of the organisational factors that promote and help organisations to adopt and implement innovation has just been published.…

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Keywords: IT governance, board of directors, leadership style, strategic alignment, IT capability, organisational governance, government style One of the many responsibilities of any organisation’s leadership at board level is IT…

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Does how fairly an organisation appears to treat its employees have any impact on how committed to the organisation its employees are? Organisational justice In the research literature, there are…

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Keywords: Knowledge management, organisational knowledge sharing. A new study by researchers from the University of Agder in Norway looked to identify the factors which are important for organisational knowledge sharing. Knowledge…

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Keywords: R&D, research and development, effectiveness, social skills, knowledge management, knowledge sharing, job performance Research and development (R&D) personnel are a critical source of ideas and competitive advantage for many…

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Keywords: entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial orientation, entrepreneurial competencies, entrepreneurial leadership, leadership, organisational performance There is a growing amount of evidence to show that entrepreneurial qualities can boost the performance of any organisation…

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A new study just published in the journal Communitas has modelled a process for getting knowledge. The study identifies the two types of knowledge: 1. Individual 2. Organisational and looked…

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A new positioning paper has outlined some methods for investigating organisational culture from outside of an organisation (i.e. without having direct access to the staff and internal structure). Virtually all…

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Keywords: change, culture, mobilisation, cultural competence, cultural brokerage cultural repertories, change management A new review of all the previously available research on social movement theory and action has just been…

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