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Downloads HomeOrganisational Development / Organisational Change Research Briefings (This page) In individualistic cultures such as those in the US and UK, most people have what is known as the ‘pursuit of happiness’. We all strive for a better world… Most businesses are involved with innovation in several different areas and directions at the same time in order to remain competitive in the market place. Selecting which innovations to… A really interesting paper has just been published in the International Journal of Applied Engineering Research. Whilst the paper looks at how to ensure business continuity in engineering manufacturing… Mergers and acquisitions are often seen as a desirable method of growing a business. However, many mergers and acquisitions fail to meet their desired outcomes and have in a… In the world of technology business, there is a lot of Darwinist evolution taking place where even the largest businesses can be toppled by a new kid on the… In 2003, a movement began in organisational behaviour called Positive Organisational Scholarship, which is a measure of organisational health that looks beyond the merely financial and focuses on companies… This briefing looks at a paper just published in the new peer reviewed journal the International Journal of HRD Practice, Policy and Research. It has some useful messages about… What makes someone stay after their company has been bought out? When a company acquires another they are often buying into the expertise and skills of the acquired company’s… An interesting study has just been published that looks at the effects of corporate reputation on the people who work inside the organisation and the organisation’s performance in the…


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