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Downloads HomeOrganisational Development / Organisational Change Research Briefings (This page) A recent study examined two of the hardest issues to manage in an organisation – a change programme, and changing bias. What is implicit bias? Unlike explicit bias (which… The strength of organisational identification indicates the level to which the employees identify and agree with the goals, mission and values of the organisation they work in. It is… The old saying, knowledge is power, has been shown to have real effect when looking at organisations. Research just published in the Journal of Knowledge Management shows that the… A new study just published shows that organisations that attempt a change programme after a previous difficult and painful change programme face an increased and significant risk of failure… Innovation is what sits under most if not every competitive advantage gained and it drives success and growth. An interesting paper just published by researchers from Brazil looked at… The success of many companies is based on their ability to innovate and be innovative. Innovation is at the heart of developing new markets, competitor differentiation and the ability… A longitudinal study just published in the British Journal of Management looked at how a ‘radical’ internet company was absorbed culturally into a ‘bureaucratic’ telecommunications business in The Netherlands.… A new study just published in the International Journal of Public Administration has been looking at the relationships between job satisfaction, organisational commitment and people’s attitudes toward organisational change.… Poor organisational politics has been shown to lead to turnover intention among staff in a range of studies around the world. The definition of organisational politics is where individualism…


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