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The very latest evidence, thinking and research across the areas of Organisational Development, Organisational Change, Leadership, Management, Human Resource and Human Capital Management and practice, Learning and Development and Coaching.

The Oxford Review is a monthly journal containing jargon free, practical and useful research briefings. No opinion from people trying to sell you something, just the extremely useful pure research findings, evidence and facts for practitioners, consultants and coaches.

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In this edition: What organisational cultures work best in organisations with outsourced staff? What is the difference between coping, adapting and self-management? Can you be too aligned with your organisation?…

In this edition: Causes of Fatigue at work Can conflict management processes improve productivity? Already had a difficult and painful change event? Be careful, be very careful this next time……

In this edition: Can management prevent the downside of change? Organisational culture change through HR? How to Predict Unethical Management Behaviour How to manage people who do boring, repetitive job.…

In this edition: What develops a new employee’s commitment to the organization? Conflict Management Protocols In Management Evidence Based Practice – from theory to reality What creates the conditions for…

Research Briefings in this edition of the Oxford Review:   In this edition: The connections between organisational culture, leadership style, organisational learning and innovation capability. Developing organisational ambidexterity – the implications…


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Disclaimer: This is a research review, expert interpretation and briefing. As such it contains other studies, expert comment and practitioner advice. It is not a copy of the original study – which is referenced. The original study should be consulted and referenced in all cases. This research briefing is for informational and educational purposes only. We do not accept any liability for the use to which this review and briefing is put or for it or the research accuracy, reliability or validity. This briefing as an original work in its own right and is copyright © Oxford Review Enterprises Ltd 2016-2019. Any use made of this briefing is entirely at your own risk.

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