The Oxford Review Volume 2 Number 6 | The Oxford Review - OR Briefings

The Oxford Review Volume 2 Number 6

The Oxford Review Vol 2 No 6

The Oxford Review Volume 2 Number 4

In this edition of the Oxford Review: The very latest research briefings:

1. Managers’ self-defeating work behaviours
This is a really useful study about one of the most common sets of behaviours in organisations. You will probably find yourself saying ‘hmmmm me too’ to this one. However it is most useful for raining awareness of this category of behaviour.

2. Choosing the right Business Intelligence System
An useful insight into the important facets of Business Information Systems and their use.

3. The connection between organisational culture / leadership style, organisational learning and innovation.
This study looks at the connections between organisational culture, leadership style, learning and innovation and what helps to develop an ‘innovation culture’.

4. How to use intellectual and social capital, and business ties to deal with environmental uncertainty
The research looked at cultural and creative organisations in the tourism trade examining how intellectual and social capital interacted with business objectives and environmental uncertainty to affect performance.

5. Predictors of work related happiness
A new study, a review of previous research, has pulled together the main elements of happiness at work.
The researchers, from the London School of Economics, found that there were five main structural and social predictors of happiness at work…

6. Separating leadership from bonus culture
A new study shows that linking bonuses to employees’ performance can be counterproductive and comes up with an alternative.

7. Institutional change: even lone mavericks need friends
Conventional wisdom can entrap an institution.

Whilst conventional wisdom can be based on well-founded beliefs, it is also just as likely to be based on ill-founded inter-organisational belief systems. This study looks at the people who are most likely to question them…

8. Mindfulness training at work
This is a useful review of the latest studies that looked at mindfulness training at work has shown how courses in the meditation discipline can help people in the workplace.

9. No time to learn
A new study looking at staff learning at an organisational level found that while management frequently decrees that learning should take place during working hours, time is rarely given to staff to do that learning.

10. Organisational culture affects business process management
An article published in the journal, Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research (ASSEHR), has found a link between organisational culture and business process management. The study found that culture probably has a greater impact on the ability of organisations to carry out their business than previously thought by many.

11. Ethical leadership improves organisational effectiveness
Good, inspirational and ethical leadership will achieve the results that can never be seen in laissez faire leadership where staff are effectively working in a vacuum. A paper just published reports on a study looking at the effects of ethical leadership in organisations…

12. Does organisational change cause increased sickness levels?
In profit making and service/public sector organisations alike, organisational change has become almost the norm as competition, regulatory, economic and technological change gets ever more vigorous, and governments and management seek ever greater efficiencies.

Change, however, frequently faces resistance among employees. There is anecdotal evidence that sickness rates increase in times of organisational change, but is it true? Does change create greater sickness rates and, if so, how?

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