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The Oxford Review Volume 3 No 11

The Oxford Review Vol 3 No 11

In this months edition (Volume 3 No 11) 3D virtual learning environments: do they motivate or undermine sustained engagement? Empowering leadership styles in cross-cultural situations Evidence producing organisations: what they are and how they have developed How Transformational Leadership Increases Employee Performance Measuring organisational coaching outcomes Micro-learning: what it is and how it integrates with […]

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Narcissistic leaders: What are the main factors of good and bad narcissistic personalities?

Research Briefing

Keywords: narcissism, narcissistic personality, adaptive narcissism, maladaptive narcissism Whilst many people believe that narcissism sounds like a bad trait, in fact the vast majority of the population have some degree of narcissistic tendencies. Within psychiatry and psychology there are considered to be positive and negative types of narcissism. Narcissism Generally, narcissism refers to an excessive […]

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