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The Oxford Review Volume 3 Number 10

Oxford Review Volume 3 Number 10

In the month’s Oxford Review we have a whole edition full of useful research briefings: This month:   Risk management Employee voice and organisational culture Happiness at work Measuring organisational alignment and performance Organisational socialisation tactics and HR Developing good transformational leaders Inclusive leadership Increasing entrepreneurship in organisations The impact of adopting agile methodologies Developing expertise […]

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Happiness at work and why it is important

Research Briefing

Keywords: Happiness, positive attitudes, attitudes at work, employee productivity, positive attitudinal attributes Since 2000, there has been an increasing level of research and organisational interest around such constructs as Job satisfaction Engagement Commitment Well-being Psychological capital (optimism, efficacy, resilience and hope) Self-actualisation. In the main, the interest in these topics has been largely due to the […]

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