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How to deal with disruption through knowledge management

Research Briefing

Keywords: knowledge management, knowledge sharing, business disruption, disruptive technologies, change, organisational change, disruptive change, agile At the current pace of change, one of the most frequent disruptive elements within most businesses is technological. As new technologies, software, and factors like artificial intelligence continue to develop rapidly, business disruptions are occurring daily across the globe. Some […]

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Projectification – how organisations are dealing with order and chaos


The rise of Projectification. Virtually every other paper published these days mentions the fact that organisations and their environments are becoming more and more complex and facing greater levels of uncertainty, whilst, at the same time, there is a constant pressure for greater levels of operational efficiency and innovation with reduced resources. One of the […]

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Culture change through moral dialogue – new research

moral dialogue

Sociologists and ethnographers have known for years that moral dialogues can be a powerful mechanism for cultural change. Good examples of this are the recent public dialogues about sexual harassment in public office and gun-control in the United States. It is interesting to see how schoolchildren took control of the moral dialogue around firearms in […]

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