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The Leadership Taboo, Managing future uncertainty and more in this month’s Oxford Review

The Oxford Review Vol2 No1

In Volume 3 Number 1… The downside of employee loyalty Keywords: employee loyalty, job tension, inter-professional dysfunction and collaboration, well-being Employee loyalty is not a one way street. A new study finds a bit of a hole in previous studies of employee loyalty and aims to fill that gap. In doing so they discover that […]

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The leadership development taboo: Developing charismatic leadership

Research Briefing

Keywords: Charismatic leadership, charisma, emotion, moral emotion, followers, leader attributes At least in terms of leadership development, the idea of charismatic leadership has waxed and waned over the years and has definitely been the poorer relation to other forms of leadership, such as transformational and servant leadership. In terms of peer reviewed research publication volume, […]

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