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Job crafting: How to get people engaged with it – new study

How to get people engaged with job crafting

Job crafting has been found to be a productive employee activity, but there are problems with getting people engaged with it. New research looks at how to get employees engaged with job crafting. The idea of job crafting The three facets of job crafting A new study Findings   The idea of job crafting One […]

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What is it that organisations have to do in order to get people engaged with job crafting?

Research Briefing

Keywords: job crafting, performance, job satisfaction, person-job fit, P-J fit, cognitive crafting, relational crafting, task crafting One of the more recent ideas in organisational development is that of job crafting. The concept of job crafting really started in the organisational literature in 2001 and has caught on rapidly. Job crafting refers to the ability of employees […]

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