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Can design thinking approaches help to reduce cognitive decision-making biases?

Research Briefing

Keywords: Design thinking, decision-making, confirmation bias, projection bias, egocentric e Decision-making, or the process of selecting the best solution from several possible alternatives, is fraught with limitations which come about from the cognitive biases we humans impose on situations. Cognitive biases or “systematic patterns of deviation from rationality of judgement” create real challenges in strategic […]

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Not evidence-based: Finding evidence to support your argument does not make an evidence-based argument

Not evidence-based

The unidirectional argument is not evidence-based There are a lot of blogs, articles and books that at first sight appear to be evidence-based. They are entertaining, interesting and makes sense. Some call it evidence-based writing. It is not evidence-based and here’s why… As editor of The Oxford Review I read a lot. A lot of […]

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