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The Oxford Review Volume 3 No 11

The Oxford Review Vol 3 No 11

In this months edition (Volume 3 No 11) 3D virtual learning environments: do they motivate or undermine sustained engagement? Empowering leadership styles in cross-cultural situations Evidence producing organisations: what they are and how they have developed How Transformational Leadership Increases Employee Performance Measuring organisational coaching outcomes Micro-learning: what it is and how it integrates with […]

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Empowering leadership styles in cross-cultural situations

Research Briefing

Keywords: empowering leadership, leadership, leadership style, cross-cultural leadership, leadership development Empowering leadership refers to leadership behaviours that are primarily focused on delegating authority to employees and promoting self-directed and autonomous decision-making, coaching, knowledge sharing and a coaching /facilitative style of leadership. Whilst the empowering leadership style has been found in a number of previous studies […]

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