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The 8 primary features of practical leadership and management wisdom

leadership and management wisdom

Introduction Wisdom isn’t the most popular subject in organisations, in leadership and management development programmes or in research circles.  Part of the problem is that many people see wisdom as some abstract unobtainable concept that has few practical outcomes. This view is probably a mistake. The research numbers Just a quick look at the number […]

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Why organisations are having problems using big data – research interview

The OR Podcast

More and more organisations are turning to big data to inform their decision-making. However, they are finding that all is not well when they try to use big data in this way and as a result frequently get disappointing results and end up abandoning the exercise or worse end up making bad decisions as a […]

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The Essential Guide to Evidence-Based Practice – 2020


(Evidence-based practice – Update March 2020) Your indispensable guide to evidence-based practice (EBP)  Evidence-based practice is becoming a real force in a rapidly growing number of organisations and public services. Even traditional organisations like the police have a growing body of evidence-based practitioners and functions to support the promotion and embedding of evidence-based practice as well as […]

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A model for coping with the paradoxes of management

coping with the paradoxes of management

Coping with the paradoxes of management A significant part of management actually entails how to manage the paradoxes and dilemmas presented in daily organisational life. Coping with the paradoxes of management is a core skill when trying to deal with competing and often diametrically opposed priorities that abound in organisational life. A new model just […]

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How to make confident professional judgements: New research

confident professional judgements

Making confident professional judgements: New research on how to develop confident professional judgement and decision-making shows that there is more to it than just experience. There is a world of difference between making confident professional judgements and going out on a wing and a prayer, but how do you develop confident decision-making?   Research just […]

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