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In this month’s Oxford Review

In issue 5 of The Oxford Review we have looked at and report the take-away learning from 10 brand new research studies in the field of organisational and human development. Causes of Fatigue at work Can conflict management processes improve productivity? Already had a difficult and painful change event? Be careful, be very careful this […]

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The 3 Human Resources Credibility Factors

HR Credibility

One of the things Human Resources are constantly battling with is developing and maintaining credibility, especially with the operational functions in organisations. It is a continual background tension that sits behind just about every HR department and every thing they do and contribute. Creating credibility and developing influence in an organisation isn’t easy for anyone […]

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Stop calling yourself a professional. Most likely you aren’t, and as for being educated…


In 2013 I published a blog entitled ‘What does being professional mean?’ http://www.centrei.org/blogs/5-what-does-being-professional-mean. This post has been read over 170,000 times. I am revisiting this issue because someone said something to me the other day that had me thinking that I hadn’t finished the blog and that there was something else which defines a professional… […]

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