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The Oxford Review Volume 3 Number 6

Oxford Review Volume 3 No 6

In this month’s Oxford Review What can coaches learn from positive psychology?.. 5 The psychology of boredom and what predicts it. 11 The problem with integrating evidence-based practice. 16 The impact of leader-member exchange (LMX) on organisational citizenship behaviours; the role of organisational job embeddedness   20 The impact of emotions, beliefs and values on LMX (leader-member […]

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Should job applicants display excitement or calmness? The importance of ideal affect

Research Briefing

Keywords: recruitment, recruiting, emotion, emotional display, emotion display, ideal affect, culture, organisational culture Displays of emotion in the workplace are interesting as it tells us a lot about the culture and acceptance of emotional displays within an organisation. Organisations are notorious for allowing certain displays of emotion and frowning upon others. What is and isn’t […]

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