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The Oxford Review Volume 1 Number 2 (February 2016)

The Oxford Review Volume 1 Number 2

Research Briefings in this edition of the Oxford Review: Editorial Why Nokia lost the smartphone war and what your organisation urgently needs to know before it’s too late Keywords: Organisations culture, Disruptive innovation, Innovation, Organisational ambidexterity In the world of technology business, there is a lot of Darwinist evolution taking place where even the largest businesses […]

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The Oxford Review Volume 3 Number 7

The Oxford Review Vol 3 No 7

In this edition What we can learn from resilient children What large organisations can learn from SME’s in terms of project management What is the impact of organisational knowledge loss due to employees leaving? Using evidence in evidence-based practice: Integrating practice and research This one thing predicts intercultural harmony and productive working relationships The one […]

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What we can learn from resilient children

Research Briefing

Keywords: resilience, emotional resilience, emotional intelligence, emotion regulation, low-threshold resilience, high-threshold resilience An interesting new study about emotional resilience in children has interesting findings for adults in organisations. Previous studies have found that children who grow up in conditions of poverty are significantly more likely to develop maladaptive behavioural, emotional and cognitive development traits, compared […]

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Do workplace resilience programmes actually work? New research

workplace resilience

Workplace resilience programmes During times of significant change in organisations, for example during downsizing and mergers, many companies around the world have instituted workplace resilience programmes to guide their employees through the turbulent times of change. There has been a number of evaluations and papers published about the success of these programmes but much of […]

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High performing teams – rugby players talk emotions

high performing teams

  High performing teams – rugby players talk emotions A quick guide to developing high performance teams. One of the areas of research I have been involved in, in the last couple of years has been focussed on high performing teams and in particular how members of high performing teams regulate their own and others […]

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