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The Oxford Review Volume 4 No 1

The Oxford Review Vol 4 No 1

This month we have research that answers a series of key questions: Whether Long-Term Incentive Plans actually work as executive packages for improving organisational performance. Is executive coaching morally justifiable? Can playing online games can be used to develop leadership skills? How do external stakeholders end up influencing major project even when they haven’t got […]

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Why organisations empower the people and how does it impact the organisation’s performance?

Research Briefing

Keywords: employee empowerment, empowerment practices, empowerment, organisational performance, ambiguity, cost, human resources One of the distinguishing features in terms of management and human resource management of employees has been the steady increase in interest in empowerment practices. The basis of employee empowerment is that employees are given considerable decision-making power, autonomy and accountability. The argument that […]

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