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The 6 factors that ensure change success

The 6 important factors that ensure change success

How to ensure successful change – change management   Change management – The 6 important factors that ensure change success. We know that the claim that 70% of change programmes fail is false. However learning what can make change a better and more positive experience in organisations can only be a good thing. All too often organisations […]

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The counter-intuitive side of evidence-based practice

The counter-intuitive side of evidence-based decision making

What is evidence-based decision-making? It may not be what you think? The counter-intuitive side of evidence-based practice. Opinion-based decisions When people make decisions about things on a daily basis, for example, what eat or what to wear, they usually do so based on their own opinions, likes, dislikes, personal taste, habits and a range of other […]

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What’s the difference between data and evidence? Evidence-based practice

data v evidence. That the difference is between data and evidence and why it matters

Data v Evidence Data Not so fast Evidence Does it matter? A test of evidence-based practice Hypothesis The crux of the matter between data v evidence is this… Summary Data v evidence Data v evidence: This is the first article in a series about evidence-based practice. In this post, I look at the critical difference […]

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Is your organisation evidence-based or opinion based? Take the test

The evidence-based test: How evidence-based is your organisation or company really? Evidence-based v opinion based. It makes a difference across a range of organisational indicators and predictors. Using the latest research evidence we have developed a short quiz to tell you how evidence-based or opinion based your organisation is. There are just 7 questions covering […]

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Making evidence-based practice work. Part 2 – solutions

This post follows on from the previous post Making evidence-based practice work: The 3 key challenges In this post I will look at what the research findings are: evidence-based solutions Solutions The researchers discovered that there are two primary pre-requisites for successful implementation of evidence-based practice: evidence-based solutions. Primary pre-requisites for successful implementation of evidence-based practice Management involvement […]

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