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The Oxford Review Volume 4 No 1

The Oxford Review Vol 4 No 1

This month we have research that answers a series of key questions: Whether Long-Term Incentive Plans actually work as executive packages for improving organisational performance. Is executive coaching morally justifiable? Can playing online games can be used to develop leadership skills? How do external stakeholders end up influencing major project even when they haven’t got […]

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The five styles of leadership that can be developed through game-based learning

Research Briefing

Keywords: leadership, game-based learning, skills, leadership styles, leadership development Game-based learning as an approach to developing leadership skills has been attracting a lot of attention from researchers and practitioners alike. Game-based learning uses a variety of different technologies to enhance and deepen learning and has been successfully used in a variety of different fields. However, it has […]

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When evidence isn’t evidence: Telling fake news from real news…


How good are you at spotting fake news? One of the many problems that non-academic evidence-based practitioners face is understanding the veracity or trustworthiness of research papers. Many  practitioners do not  always realise is that many studies, think tank reports, blog posts, LinkedIn posts, white papers, reports and other expert opinion articles are frequently biased.  One […]

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