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Human Resources / Human Capital Research Briefing Downloads

HR Research Briefings

Downloads Home > Human Resources / Human Capital Research Briefings (This page)   Individual research briefings are only available to members   Individual Research Briefings by Category/Topic: Member Home Coaching | HR | L&D | Leadership | Management | OrgDev/Org Change Oxford Review Copies Browse Everything in order of publication (ish) Infographics Video Research Briefings […]

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Developing trust in the workplace and the role of HR – a new study

Developing trust in the workplace

Developing trust in the workplace is a key organisational predictor of performance. Many organisations have stumbled and even failed outright where a lack of trust, doubt and suspicion have grown between the leadership, management and employees. Previous studies have found that mistrust in the workplace predicts high turnover rates, increased absence through sickness, lower levels […]

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HR Research Briefings

Human Resources and Human Capital Research Briefing Archive Archive Home | Coaching | HR | L&D | Leadership | Management | OrgDev | Monthly Oxford Review | Infographic Archive Members Home VIP and Corporate Members get FULL, FREE access to the complete archive –  If you are a member: Login and click ‘download’ to get the item you […]

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The 5 different dissent strategies and how to deal with them. New research

Dissent strategies

It is estimated that somewhere between 50 and 70% of employees, will, at some point in their employment feel that the organisation has wronged, mistreated or let them down in some way. These issues are referred to as psychological contract breaches. This is where an employee feels that the organisation has failed to fulfil its […]

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Why your organisation should start employee relocation now: The evidence…


employee relocation, staff relocation, relocating employees, relocating staff Why employee relocation is a good idea and how best to relocate employees: New Research Why companies should be doing employee relocation There are some very good evidence-based reasons organisations should have an employee relocation system. Among people born around the turn of the century (2000 – ‘Millennials’), […]

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Organisational change: building support across different stakeholders Part 1

managing stakeholders

Today I will start a three part posting about some important research published this month by researchers from Louisiana State University, and Colorado State University in the US, which shows how it is possible to achieve goals at an organisational level by a process called ‘frame decoupling’. In this post I will look at frames […]

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Why most business strategies fail – eventually

Business Strategy Failure

Your business strategy is very likely to fail. Why and what to do to stop it happening to your business… A paper just published by colleagues at the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford argues that business planning by organisations needs to involve ‘scenario research’. Scenario research involves looking at how the business […]

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How to deal with psychological contract breaches and dissent

Dealing with Aggrieved-employee

This is the last of 4 articles looking at what happens when people in organisations feel aggrieved and how the research shows, managers should deal with it. Part 1 Psychological Contract Breaches & 3 Types of Employee Dissent Part 2 The 3 Forms of Organisational Dissent Part 3 The 5 Different Dissent Strategies Part 4 […]

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