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The Oxford Review Volume 2 Number 12 (December 2017)

The Oxford Review Vol 2 No 3 December 2017

In issue 12 Volume 2 of the Oxford Review… Research briefings of the very latest research including: Why and how an empowering leadership style can go wrong Keywords: Empowering leadership, Leadership, Self-efficacy, Psychological ownership, Performance, Workplace deviance We tend to think that being an empowering leader is all good. An empowering leadership style has been […]

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How people get away with wasting time at work

Research Briefing

Keywords: Time banditry, wasting time, impression management, management of shared meaning, time management, management A recent survey of 10,044 employees found that workers waste just over two hours a day in their jobs. In the United States this is estimated to amount to a loss of some $759 billion a year. It is, therefore, not […]

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Time banditry: How to get away with wasting time at work – new research

Time Banditry

Some people just appear to have the knack of doing very little or wasting time at work and getting away with it! When I was a police officer we had a sergeant who was nicknamed ‘Blister’ as he had a reliable tendency to turn up after the real work had been done. A new study looking at […]

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