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Bullying and change are related and more in this month’s Oxford Review

The Oxford Review Vol 3 No 10

In this edition: Research briefings on: Aligning servant leadership, strategy and structure Describing and measuring corporate compliance cultures Does transformational leadership lead to better job-crafting? If so why? Mixing different types of coaching Organisational digital storytelling: a medium for change Relational energy and leadership style The link between perfectionism and the impostor syndrome The research […]

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Using Virtual Communities of Practice (VCoPs) to increase interprofessional collaboration and learning

Research Briefing

Keywords: learning, learning and development, communities of practice, virtual communities of practice, interprofessional collaboration, organisational learning, knowledge management Supporting professional development in organisations in ways which are relevant and help professionals make better decisions and improve outcomes, whilst reducing abstraction time from the workplace, is no easy matter. The transfer of learning to the workplace […]

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