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The Oxford Review Volume 3 No 11

The Oxford Review Vol 3 No 11

In this months edition (Volume 3 No 11) 3D virtual learning environments: do they motivate or undermine sustained engagement? Empowering leadership styles in cross-cultural situations Evidence producing organisations: what they are and how they have developed How Transformational Leadership Increases Employee Performance Measuring organisational coaching outcomes Micro-learning: what it is and how it integrates with […]

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The impact of worrying on intolerance of uncertainty

Research Briefing

Keywords: uncertainty, intolerance of uncertainty, worry Previous research has found that approximately 77% of the population worries about three things on a daily basis. 2% of the population has been found to have excessive and uncontrollable worrying, to the extent that it harms their health. Excessive worrying is a primary feature of Generalised Anxiety Disorder. […]

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Intolerance of uncertainty: Definition and explanation


What is Intolerance of uncertainty?   Intolerance of uncertainty is trait whereby an individual has negative beliefs about uncertainty in general and its consequences. As a result people with an Intolerance of uncertainty tend to react with negative thoughts, feelings and actions to situations or prospective situations that have a level of perceived uncertainty in them. Back […]

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How you cope with uncertainty predicts how biased you are

uncertainty at work

How you cope with uncertainty predicts how biased you are How we cope with uncertainty at work and other places affects so much. Researchers looking at many issues from decision-making to anxiety are starting to focus on people’s intolerance of uncertainty or how we cope with uncertainty and are finding that this one thing changes so much including […]

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