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How leaders lead organisational learning – Research Briefing

Members Research Briefing

Research Briefing  How leaders lead organisational learning May 2017 How leaders lead organisational learning An interesting study about how transformational and transactional leadership affects organisational learning. This new study has shown the processes by which transactional and transformational leadership tends to develop learning capability in organisations and it may not be entirely what you expect. The […]

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Transformational Leadership v Transactional Leadership


Transformational Leadership v Transactional Leadership What is Transformational Leadership? (Transformative leadership) What is Transactional Leadership? A quick and easy guide to the difference between Transformational Leadership and Transactional Leadership. Transformational Leadership v Transactional Leadership, what is the difference? Below is a handy chart that explains the difference between Transformational Leadership and Transactional Leadership. Note Transformational Leadership is also known […]

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How people decide what kind of leaders we want

How we choose leaders - new research

How we choose leaders. Research just published looking at how we decide whether to approve of a leader or not has come up with some interesting results. Leadership endorsement The study Social Identity Theory How we decide what leader we want What this means Reference Get the full research briefing – free Leadership endorsement How […]

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How to make shared leadership work: The 4 conditions needed – new research

Shared Leadership: How to make it work

Shared leadership is increasingly being used in more and more sectors. Broadly speaking, shared leadership is where the team is jointly responsible for a task and no one person is responsible for the successes or failures of the team. In other words, it is where leadership is broadly distributed, such that people within a team […]

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Most leaders’ decision making is “ill-informed, outdated, and incorrect”

leadership decision-making

A 2005 study found that many leadership strategic decisions are based on, and I quote, “evidence that is ill-informed, outdated, and incorrect”. Yes, leaders are usually using the most up-to-date internal data from their various management information systems to make operational and tactical decisions, however when it comes to the underlying, and often hidden, deep […]

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The 2 things the CEO’s from ‘Undercover Boss’ learned that every leader needs to know. New Research.


Researchers spoke to a series of the Chief Executives (CEOs) featured on the TV series ‘Undercover Boss’ to find out what they really learned from going undercover on the frontline of their own businesses. The findings of the study just published in the journal, Human Resources Development Quarterly focused on the impressions the CEOs got […]

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