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The Oxford Review Volume 2 Number 12 (December 2017)

The Oxford Review Vol 2 No 3 December 2017

In issue 12 Volume 2 of the Oxford Review… Research briefings of the very latest research including: Why and how an empowering leadership style can go wrong Keywords: Empowering leadership, Leadership, Self-efficacy, Psychological ownership, Performance, Workplace deviance We tend to think that being an empowering leader is all good. An empowering leadership style has been […]

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Psychological foundations of morality and ethical behaviour in organisations

Research Briefing

Keywords: morality, ethics, character, values, nine types of temperament model, ethical behaviour In recent years there has been increasing interest, both within organisations, governments and research, in improving standards of ethical and moral behaviour, both in organisations and public life. Many of the avenues of research and organisational interest have been focused on moral cognition […]

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