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Does a performance dip always occur during organisational change?

performance dip

Why is there a performance dip during or following organisational change? When doesn’t a performance dip happen? In my earlier post Is the Change Curve a myth? I looked at the research evidence about whether the change curve actually occurs or not. Is there always a performance dip following or during change? In my next […]

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How management can prevent the downside of change

Preventing the downside of change

How management can prevent the downside of change It has been found through a series of studies that staff cutbacks, particularly in service industries, invariably have a negative impact on frontline employees’ ability to interact successfully with customers. For example over nine years in the US healthcare industry, the number of patient interactions per employee […]

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What you should to know about the organizational levels of development

All organisations go through stages as they develop. A research paper just published by researchers this month has identified the 6 levels of organisational development. Not only does this work appear to be valid but it has huge importance for business owners, leaders, managers, Organisational Development, Human Resources, Learning & Development professionals, consultants and coaches. […]

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New Video: Do 70% of change projects really fail?

David has just released a new video about the research he did around the common perception that 70% of change programmes fail. Be prepared to be shocked!   You can get the slideshare here: The url for this video is:

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