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Bullying and change are related and more in this month’s Oxford Review

The Oxford Review Vol 3 No 10

In this edition: Research briefings on: Aligning servant leadership, strategy and structure Describing and measuring corporate compliance cultures Does transformational leadership lead to better job-crafting? If so why? Mixing different types of coaching Organisational digital storytelling: a medium for change Relational energy and leadership style The link between perfectionism and the impostor syndrome The research […]

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The link between perfectionism and the impostor syndrome

Research Briefing

Keywords: work psychology, impostor syndrome, perfectionism, self-esteem The impostor syndrome or phenomenon is an experience that tends to occur mainly among high achievers, whereby they feel fraudulent or fake, particularly intellectually. Impostor syndrome is usually accompanied by a sense that they don’t deserve to be in the position that they are in. Whilst at first […]

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Perfectionism: The different types of perfectionist and how they cope


Researchers have been studying the impact of perfectionism on a range of outcomes. Previous research has found that individuals with higher levels of perfectionism, who experienced stress are significantly more likely to experience emotional distress. This study wanted to see how people cope with perfectionism and stress. Perfectionism Perfectionistic striving Perfectionistic concerns Healthy perfectionists The […]

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