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How CEO entrepreneurial attitudes and personality combine to improve organisational performance

Research Briefing

Keywords: entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial orientation, performance, personality, traits, psychological traits, performance, organisational performance, dominance, self-efficacy  A range of factors have been found to predict entrepreneurial and organisational success. Firstly, a large number of studies over the years have found that entrepreneurial orientation is a strong predictor of organisational performance and, as a result, has come under intense […]

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Coaching for Personality Change?

Organisational Success Podcast

Is it possible to help people change their personality through coaching? New research looking at this issue had some really interesting results. Our latest podcast. Sarah Smith and David Wilkinson discuss a new study looking at whether it is possible to change someones personality through coaching.   Transcript: Speaker 1:                    00:02                Hi, this is the […]

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