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The Leadership Taboo, Managing future uncertainty and more in this month’s Oxford Review

The Oxford Review Vol2 No1

In Volume 3 Number 1… The downside of employee loyalty Keywords: employee loyalty, job tension, inter-professional dysfunction and collaboration, well-being Employee loyalty is not a one way street. A new study finds a bit of a hole in previous studies of employee loyalty and aims to fill that gap. In doing so they discover that […]

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Bullying and change are related and more in this month’s Oxford Review

The Oxford Review Vol 3 No 10

In this edition: Research briefings on: Aligning servant leadership, strategy and structure Describing and measuring corporate compliance cultures Does transformational leadership lead to better job-crafting? If so why? Mixing different types of coaching Organisational digital storytelling: a medium for change Relational energy and leadership style The link between perfectionism and the impostor syndrome The research […]

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Does job insecurity impact innovation in organisations? Probably not how you expect.

Research Briefing

Keywords: innovation, innovative work behaviours, job insecurity, psychological contract Innovation is central to any organisation’s survival, development and growth and, in particular, to maintaining a competitive advantage or keeping service level agreements in times of change and volatility. Change is now seen as a constant for organisations. Continual political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal […]

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The links between organisational change and workplace bullying

Research Briefing

Keywords: bullying, workplace bullying, organisational change, change, psychological contract Over the last six or seven years a number of research studies have discovered that organisational change programs are often accompanied by an increase in systematic and persistent workplace bullying, particularly in terms of devaluing employees’ work, motivations and efforts, as well as social isolation and […]

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Employee dissent spirals and how to deal with them

The OR Podcast

It is estimated that somewhere between 50 and 70% of employees, will, at some point in their employment feel that the organisation has wronged, mistreated or let them down in some way. These issues are referred to as psychological contract breaches. This is where an employee feels that the organisation has failed to fulfil its […]

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Psychological contract: What they are and why they are critical

Psychological contract

What is a psychological contract? The term psychological contract refers to the often unspoken set of expectations and assumptions that two parties (employees and the organisation, its leaders and managers) have of each other about things like how they will behave and act. Examples Psychological contract breaches Development of the term References     Examples […]

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