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Last month’s research briefings

Last month's research briefings

As well as podcasts, infographics, video research briefings, a copy of the monthly review, last month we sent out the following research briefings, based on just published* research to members: What is followership and how does it work? Do personality tests predict workplace deviance? Emotion regulation abilities predict work engagement and attitudes towards work Entrepreneurs: […]

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The things managers believe: How evidence-based are managers really?

Research Briefing

Keywords: Management, managers, human resource management, evidence-based practice, beliefs, decision-making, research It is largely assumed that good managers use a judicious mix of experience, understanding of the context, learnt knowledge from research, training etc and policy. The question is whether this is true? To what extent do managers actually use good evidence-based practice and learnt […]

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How to use the best research and practice-based evidence to make quality decisions

Research Briefing

Keywords: evidence-based practice, practice-based evidence, research, decision-making Whilst many people get the general idea of evidence-based practice, and like it, actually turning it into a ‘practice’ is often another matter. There have been many attempts over the years of developing a process to help practitioners combine the primary elements of evidence-based practice of: The best research […]

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Organisational wrong-doing: Being bad is different in different cultures

organisational wrong-doing

Organisational wrong-doing: Being bad in different cultures A recent study looking at attitudes towards five forms of information abuse made a fascinating and accidental discovery about how different cultures perceive organisational wrong-doing. The researchers uncovered that there are significantly different perceptions of organisational wrong-doing (perceptions of being bad) depending on where you come from…   […]

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The Hottest Research Trends 2018: Analysis by The Oxford Review

Research Trends 2018

The research trends 2018. See also The Top Trends for 2019-2020 here There are around 78,500 peer reviewed research articles published around the world every month. Our aim is to find the most practical and useful of these across the below areas, turn them into easy to understand and practically useful briefings for our members. As […]

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The Harvard Business Review is good, but…

​Many professionals​ confuse the Harvard Business Review with a research journal​It isn’tUniversities measure a journal’s influence and importance using a measure called an Impact Factor​The journal Nature has an Impact Factor of 40.137​The Harvard Business Review has an Impact Factor of 0.72​This is largely because The Harvard Business Review publishes opinion pieces and the arguments of […]

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Why evidence-based practice probably isn’t worth it…

problem with evidence-based

The evidence-based practice problem…   There is a big problem with evidence-based practice and why evidence-based practice isn’t worth it for most people… As a pedlar of evidence based practice this post hasn’t been an easy one to write but after years of work in this area, and having a service based around evidence based practice, I […]

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The 5 different dissent strategies and how to deal with them. New research

Dissent strategies

It is estimated that somewhere between 50 and 70% of employees, will, at some point in their employment feel that the organisation has wronged, mistreated or let them down in some way. These issues are referred to as psychological contract breaches. This is where an employee feels that the organisation has failed to fulfil its […]

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