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The Oxford Review Volume 3 Number 7

The Oxford Review Vol 3 No 7

In this edition What we can learn from resilient children What large organisations can learn from SME’s in terms of project management What is the impact of organisational knowledge loss due to employees leaving? Using evidence in evidence-based practice: Integrating practice and research This one thing predicts intercultural harmony and productive working relationships The one […]

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Does alertness management training work for workers who suffer from sleepiness at work?

Research Briefing

Keywords: alertness management training, shifts, shift workers, sleepiness, on duty sleepiness, learning, organisational learning, learning and development The issue of sleepiness at work is a serious one in many professions. People feeling sleepy, or actually falling asleep at work, can have serious health and safety consequences, but also lowers productivity and can cause a range […]

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