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The Oxford Review Volume 3 Number 5 May 2018

The Oxford Review Volume 3 Number 5

In this month’s edition of The Oxford Review – Research Briefings about: What does ‘Evidence-Based practice readiness’ really mean and what predicts it? What are the best project management practices for ERP (enterprise resource planning) system projects? The problem of knowledge hiding in organisations: what causes it? The key role of wishful thinking in professional […]

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Decision-making under stress – does emotional intelligence actually make a difference?

Research Briefing

Keywords: emotional intelligence, decision-making, leadership, SME’s, cognition, thinking, ability, emotion regulation There has been a veritable explosion of research and interest in emotional intelligence as a concept since the early 1990s, as can be evidenced by this plot of research articles since 1900. Apart from a little blip at the end of the second world […]

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