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Trust and revenge between teams: how we discriminate against outgroups

Research Briefing

Keywords: trust, revenge, group identity, ingroup, outgroup, intergroup conflict, group reciprocity As humans we are largely organised in an interlinking and overlapping series of groups and teams, such as families, organisations, departments, nations, interest groups et cetera. Research studies spanning the last 40 years have found that we tend to identify with, and are significantly […]

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Developing trust in the workplace and the role of HR – a new study

Developing trust in the workplace

Developing trust in the workplace is a key organisational predictor of performance. Many organisations have stumbled and even failed outright where a lack of trust, doubt and suspicion have grown between the leadership, management and employees. Previous studies have found that mistrust in the workplace predicts high turnover rates, increased absence through sickness, lower levels […]

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